Grow your business

Go Online

Feature-rich, fully scalable eCommerce platform solution with Business to Consumer (B2C)  and Business to Business (B2B) web store.  Fully Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Offers complete flexibility and control. PSI and PADSS compliant; and provide unrivaled shopping experience for the customers.

Go Mobile

With the increasing usage of mobile platform, customers expect the ability to view, search and place orders for products directly from their Smartphones or Tablets. X2X-eCommerce provide device compatible media capabilities for clear and Call to Action and touch friendly design.

Go Social

X2X-eCommerce helps you expand your business by integrating with the social media sites where over 90% of the consumers go to make buying decisions. With majority of customers trusting the product reviews and recommendations, a strong presence on social media is a must to keep ahead of the competition.

Enhance Customer Experience

Simplify your work

Save time

X2X e-Commerce saves time by integrating webstore with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The items and customer data from GP get updated on the webstore with very little manual interaction. This greatly reduces the efforts required to maintain and update data on your webstore.

Increase efficiency and productivity

Increase efficiency and productivity by making order available for shipment as they are placed, update the prices on the webstore when they are changed in GP, add or remove a product from webstore with a click in GP or when the inventory become unavailable.

Fully Integrate with your ERP

Fully integrate webstore with Dynamics GP. Integrate Item data: items, item categories, images, Price Levels, Tier Pricing and Quantity Breaks. Integrate Customer data as well: Customer, Class, Territories and Sales Person. Other data like Taxes, Shipping Methods, Payment Methods and many others can also be integrated.


What X2X-eCommerce could do for you.

Increase Sales Revenues

Extend your reach and exponentially increase sales revenues by reaching out to new and existing customers  online or through social media. Find new markets for your products and provide better customer service to customers.

Efficient Inventory Management

Efficient inventory management by updating the inventory on hand and available. Inventory is updated as the orders placed on the webstore are downloaded and allocated; and when items are shipped by the warehouse in real time.

Enhance Customer Experience

Make the Customers’ buying experience pleasant and memorable. Enhance the customer experience by giving them choice and variety by comparing products and prices; and enabling them to place the orders at any time of the day.

Take your business to next level

X2X eCommerce enable you to take your business to the next level by opening new markets with new customers and by earning loyalty of the existing customers. You are ready to deal with the increase workload of orders with X2X automating your business process.

Easy and fast way to Sell

Top of the line, secured, PCI compliant payment method enabled eCommerce solution. Extensive choice of themes capable of adjusting to customer devices. Get up and running fast with the eCommerce site that your customers will love.

Gear up for the growth

X2X eCommerce solution is there to help you to be ready to manage the business growth by automating the management of the e-Commerce web-store. X2X enables you to download orders, upload data and provide tools for extensive marketing.

Managing eCommerce from Microsoft Dynamics GP has never been so easy