Integrate your ecommerce store with Dynamics GP

Beat your competition with a successful eCommerce Strategy
eCommerce has opened new avenues for the organizations to grow and expand their businesses. Many think that eCommerce is all about getting a web store up and running. The fact is that running an eCommerce business is just like running any other business and requires the same effort and attention. With an estimated two million eCommerce
With x2x eCommerce selling Online is as easy as 1-2-3
Malls were the place to hang out Not long back malls were the place where everyone will spend their time shopping. People will spend their weekend in the malls browsing the stores, shopping and eating in the food courts. Malls are closing Now, over several years, the malls have started closing.  A third of shopping
Benefit of eCommerce for Wholesalers and Manufacturers
B2B Omnichannel Result to Higher Levels of Customer Experience Creating New Opportunities for Manufacturers and Wholesalers The success of online retailers, over the past few years, can be attributed to the constant development and rapid adoption of eCommerce practice of B2C business platforms. More and more consumers today have moved to purchasing products online. With
headless or bolted eCommerce for dynamics GP
We have all seen the fast and powerful changes in the way the business is done. The driving force behind these changes in the business process is the advancement in IT technologies. As with other areas, there has been a significant shift in the eCommerce. The influx of new technologies and ever growing social media
why your store not making any sales
  Dilemma: We have put a lot of efforts on our eCommerce site, done everything that we were told that is required. We have worked hard – got great images, entered extensive and relevant descriptions of products, and much more. >But our eCommerce web store has not closed a single sale. Why? Answer: A good number
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responsive web designs with dynamics integrated eCommerce
Why is responsive web design so important for e-commerce? X2X-eCommerce for Dynamics GP uses Responsive themes for the store front. Responsive web designs are web designs developed with a built-in ability to adjust the display based on the device being used to access the eCommerce site. Responsive sites adjust themselves to the device being used
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ERP - ecommerce management increases productivity
There is no doubt that eCommerce has changed the way consumers can learn about and decide to purchase your products. However, one fact that remains consistent and will continue to remain that way is the everyday business management that is necessary to keep your business making money. The need to properly manage your eCommerce business
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eCommerce for retailers
Why you Need E-commerce for Your Retail Business? As more and more businesses either shift to an online shop over a brick and mortal establishment or establish an online store front to complement or augment their existing physical store setup, small to medium sized businesses, and even large companies alike are beginning to realize the
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ERP system integration
The change in the way customers now buy and the emerging advancements in technology have changed the way people conduct business over the years. The industrialization process that started in 1930s changed the way people live and do business. The next major change came with the Communication revolution with the advent of internet that totally
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