Hit the ground running with these tips most sites don’t use at start up. BY PETER ROESLER|President, Web Marketing Pros Most business owners are aware that there is a lot of money to made selling products online, but getting started can be tricky. Successful eCommerce is more than just picking a

What is unique about X2X-eCommerce

X2X eCommerce is a comprehensive Omni Channel Solution that leverages the power of Magento eCommerce and Microsoft Dynamics GP, both market leaders in their respective fields. X2X eCommerce is the ideal mix of function, affordability and power of both programs. X2X eCommerce take your business to new heights by connecting

ERP System – the backbone of every organization and eCommerce webstore is the extension of company’s sales and ordering system, a gateway for the customer to reach the organization with their orders and inquiries. It make sense to integrate eCommerce and ERP system since a significant amount of information is

Our Mission is to provide you top of the line eCommerce with deep integration with your Dynamics GP

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About X2X-eCommerce

Managing eCommerce from Dynamics GP has never been this easy. X2X-eCommerce is a complete Omni Channel solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP. X2X eCommerce enables you to manage your eCommerce store front directly from Microsoft Dynamics GP. Copyright ©2014 – 2020 , x2x-eCommerce