5 Top Features of x2x eCommerce integrated online stores

eCommerce stores powered by x2x eCommerce use Magento, Shopify and Woo Commerce web front end. Being enterprise eCommerce solutions with a combine market presence of more than 1.5 million stores, they help augment the power of x2x eCommerce which integrates these eCommerce sites with a deep and cutting edge integration with well known ERP and Retail solutions including Dynamics GP, Dynamics 365, NetSuite, Microsoft Retail Management System; and Retail Management Hero.

Here are the five 5 top features of x2x driven ecommerce website that you can’t ignore:

  • User-friendly design

The look and feel of your webstore are the first things that your customer see when they land on your site. The more your site is seen as your visitor as well organized, easy to navigate, user friendly, welcoming and helpful, and intuitive, the more are the chances that they will spend time on your site which in turn would mean more sales and more profits.

The front-end solutions used by x2x eCommerce have thousands of templates available in the market, most of them for less than $100 which gives you a big choice to design your site as unique as you are. Standing away from the crowd and differentiate from the competition.

  • Mobile friendly

Today, more than half of the global eCommerce traffic comes from mobile phones. If your site is not mobile compatible, you are losing more than 50% of your potential sales. Site developed by x2x eCommerce are fully responsive. This means that they are desktop, laptop, mobile and tablet friendly.

Having a responsive website is a dramatic shift from the old ways of doing online business. Responsive websites are fully capable to display brand, item pictures; and content on almost any device letting you provide a user friendly and welcoming user interface to your site visitors and generate more leads and sales for your products.

  • Integrated Payment gateway

With so many scams and scammers trying to hoodwink the people, the customer of today is smart and alert.   They are beware of the frauds that are committed online and which make them very cautious when it comes to using their credit card for online purchases. Your site should be able to earn the trust of the customer.

A reliable and well-known payment gateway bridges the trust deficit, if any, between you and your customer. Payment methods used by x2x driven eCommerce stores are all well known, reliable and PA DSS certified. This list includes Authorize.net, PayPal, Skrill, Stripe and many more.

In addition to providing a peace of mind to the customer, using such well known, market leaders in online payment industry will allow you to have a easy and swift check out, will allow you to accept all the well known credit cards and, if required, mobile payments.

  • Integrating with Logistic services

Many companies use thirds party shipment companies which pick the order information from the orders received on your eCommerce store. These companies can do shipment globally from the warehouse located nearest to the customer in their geographical area.

Once the items are shipped, these solutions update the order information with the current status as well as shipment information like Shipping Company, Shipment date, Tracking Number and other such information.

These logistic companies are only capable of integrating their system with the leading eCommerce solutions where they can get the volume. Since x2x uses the same front end, it can easily integrate with the logistic service companies.

The user of x2x eCommerce are empowered to chose if they want to integrate orders with ERP or Retail system only after they have been shipped and updated by the logistic companies.

  • Integrating with ERP or Retail solution

Integrating your eCommerce site with enterprise ERP or Retail solution allows you to seamlessly manage your entire eCommerce site from your accounting or retail solution. The power to drive your eCommerce from your ERP or retail software brings in sales order on timely basis, timely updating shipping and invoice information back to webstore on a day to day basis. In addition, the power of keeping your site updated with the new products, prices and quantities will keep you well ahead of your competition.

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