Powerful eCommerce platform

Innovative eCommerce-ERP Integration

x2x eCommerce is a revolutionary solution that combines the power of Dynamics ERP and Enterprise eCommerce for a feature rich, fully optimized, responsive and multi-device friendly web store that can be managed all within Dynamics ERP



x2x eCommerce is a complete eCommerce solution for Dynamics GP. x2x eCommerce module add eCommerce related features in GP and use world leading Magento eCommerce for Storefront.

Powerful eCommerce platform

Responsive Design

Quickly create a site optimized for any device using an included customizeable, responsive design.

Support for Google

Take the advantage of Google Seach engines. Offers SEO benefits that use Google’s preferred approach.

Unrivaled shopping experience

Keep your customer happy by giving them a platform that offers easy to use and flexible user interface.

Clean and unique layout

100% Customizable according to your corporate colors, easy to navigate and user-friendly layout,

Powerful eCommerce platform

Top of line eCommerce with all major flows, product types, and features including Newsletter.

Global support network

Be ahead of the competition with completely scalable and extensively supported network.

Multi level, easy to navigate Catalogs

Create Dynamic Product Catalog in GP

Manage your product catalogs from within ERP. Quickly create or modify Product Catalog in Dynamics GP.

Catalog with unlimited category levels

Depending how you want to showcase your products/services, create any level of categories and and sub-categories.

Define Page Description

Proper Category Description stuffed with related keywords rank you high on search engines.

Assign products to multiple Catalog Pages

Make it easy for your customer to find what they are looking for by offering the same product on different catalog pages or sub pages.

Unlimited Categories and sub-categories

Create the Catalog that best present your products. Add any number of categories or sub categories.

Define Page Title and Meta Information

Appear in more web searches, get more traffic, optimize your product catalog pages with pertinent page tile and meta information.

Quickly add products to Promo page

Get customers' attention, just one click adds a product to the promotion page and one click removes it.

Assign/Unassign products with one click

Get high sales by creating a user friendly and SEO optimized. Add any products to a Catalog page by just a click or through excel import.

Real Time Product Integration

Auto Assign Product to webstore

Offer to your customer what you have in stock. Add items on Catalog with one click. Auto show or hide the item in or out of stock.

Enable Google Checkout and Gift Item

Allow your customers to buy item as gift for their friends and family. Allow selling items as Gift Items and also allow customers to pay using Google checkout.

Auto update Item Information

Update your web store automatically when you change the product descriptions, pricing or other parameters.

Offer Customer Specific Pricing

Offer customers their unique prices by mapping the Dynamics GP price level with the web customer group that the customer belongs to.

Assign Catalog Categories to Item

Win the customers, gives them what they are looking for. Show an item on any number of relevant categories to help customer find what they are looking for.

Sell wide range of products

Go limitless. Sell any product or service you want. Whether it is Simple or Configurable Product or it is Virtual or Downloadable product.

Create multiple products from each UOM

Offer multiple pack sizes of a product by auto-converting each UOM as a different product for the web store.

Auto update Inventory quantities

As the quantity changes in your Dynamics GP, it is updated on the web store. Products become invisible or out of stock when the quantity goes below the predefined level.

Product Image Integration

Upload Product Images from GP

Upload images from Dynamics GP and automatically associate them with the items on the web-store.

Schedule image uploading

Save your valuable time. No need to manually update images. let the Scheduler update the images and link them to products as frequently as you like.

Upload multiple images for same item

Create attractive web-store. Update multiple pictures of the same item and assign them as small, base and thumbnail images.

Bulk image uploading

No need to do a cumbersome job. Let the system identify the images with each product. Upload it and assign it to its respective product, all without any manual interaction.

Multi tier and customer centric item pricing

Display Accurate Pricing

No worries about not being able to update the prices on your web-store. Your prices are always accurate and updated at all times.

Customer Specific Pricing

Offer the customer specific pricing to your customers. Let them see the regular prices and their special prices when they login with their User ID.

Prices for B2B abd B2C Customers

Show your customer that you value their business. Offer special prices to the B2B Customers by mapping them to a price level that offers deeper discounts and better prices.

Offer special limited time pricing

Offering special prices to your customers is simple process. Make the changes in prices in your ERP and it will be updated on your web-store right away.

Map GP Price Level to walk in Customers

Earn Customer Loyalty. Use any Price Level in Dynamics GP to the walk in customer. May be offer an even better prices to repeat customers.

Quantity discounts / GP quantity breaks

Offer deeper discounts for customer buying more. Use price breaks in Dynamics GP to offer multi-tier pricing with quantity breaks to let them take advantage of buying in bulk.

Real Time web order/invoice integration

Use Dynamic Billing and Shipping Addresses

Update your B2B Customer Information directly from GP or let your B2C Customers enter their own information. Ship to any Ship to address for the customer.

Download orders for shipment
in Dynamics GP

Download the order automatically in Dynamics GP. Order includes item, price, freight, taxes and payment information. Ready to be shipped by the shipping department.

Lot/Serial Number Tracking

Know what has been shipped. Fully capable of bringing the lot and serial information with other shipping information in Dynamics GP.

User Defined Web Order Numbers

Track your web orders by specifying the Order type for the web orders. Define your own ordering number series to keep web order separate from regular orders.

Order include GP Tax Details

Mapping eCommerce Tax IDs with GP Tax IDs allows conversion of the tax charged at the time of web sale to be credited to current tax ID.

Order shipment info is updated on Web

Keep your customer informed. Order fulfillment in GP is updated on the web-store as the order progresses.

Display-Calculated Shipping Costs in Real Time

Ready made built in feature allows you to integrate with popular shipping companies. Allow customers to estimate the shipping for multiple shipping options.

Warehouse Management System (WHM)
and 3rd party shipment integrated

Relax. It is easier than you think. Let the 3rd party supplier or software handle the shipment. Send the tracking and shipment information to be downloaded in Dynamics GP.

Manual and scheduled order download

No need to sit there and download each order. Let the system download the orders on its own or download manually between the download schedules.

User defined Batch ID

Segregate the web orders in the batch of your choice. Create a separate batch for each date and change the batch ID at the time of manual order download.

Order includes Payment information

Linking the web and GP Payment methods ensures that the payments can be reconciled. Payment Analysis report provide further details of the payments.

Using previous order for re-ordering

Let your customers save time by selecting any previous order and using them to place the new orders.

B2B and B2C Customer integration

B2B and B2C eCommerce

Sell to your existing customers or go out and expand your horizon, enter new markets, get new customers. Equally good for both B2B and B2C customers.

Empower your B2B Customer

Empower your customer by letting them compare the features, prices and discounts of products. Allowing them to make a well informed buying decision.

Auto create a walk in customer

Optionally, auto create customers in Dynamics GP when an order is placed by a Walk in Customer. Use a walk in customer account if you do not want to create a customer in Dynamics GP.

Guest customer information

Process sales to the customers who do not want to be tracked. or sent promotion to. Allow customers to check out as 'Guest' without creating a customer for them in the ERP.

Offer customer specific pricing

Offer the same prices and quantity breaks to your regular customers that you offer them in Dynamics GP. Offer any price level to walk in or B2C customers.

Get happy, satisfied customers

Get satisfied customers. Give your customer ability to browse at their convenience, and order without any pressure from salespeople.

B2C Salesperson and Territory ID

Linking the sales from walk in or B2C customers is the first step to tracking the sales statistics. Sales to B2B or regular customers already existing in GP is linked to their respective salesperson and territories.

Related Products to Cross-Sell and Upsell

Related products help provide comprehensive solution to the customer. They bring in more revenues by cross selling and up-selling the related products.

Sell More with lower TCO

Tailored for your unique business needs

Ease of setup and customization according to your requirements at much low costs.

One-page Checkout

Fast and easy checkout make it easy for customer to place and order and bring customer back to your site.

Powerful SEO brings more sales

Powerful search engine optimization capabilities get your web store at the top in the search engines. Getting found in search engines bring more sales and slashes advertising budget.

Up-sell and Cross-sell Products

Associated products are usually high margin products which improves your bottom line.

Estimate Shipping Charges

Customer wants to know the total cost. Ability to estimate the cost of shipping and taxes eliminate guess work.

Saved shopping cart

Provide the Customer with the ability to save the cart and return back to it later. Close more sales by allowing the customer to start from where they left.

Powerful Analytics

Turn data into insights

Powerful Business Intelligence tools that consolidate data from database, extensions and third party tools to give you a complete picture.

Marketing and ROI Analysis

Build your own reports, measure the effects of your growth effort on customer behaviors, calculate ROI using important metrics.

Mobile Ready

Multi Device Compatibility

Provide more choice to your customers. Fully compatible with multiple devices including Smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop.

Checkout using any Smart Device

In addition to allowing customers to browse and compare the products, the multi-device complaint features allow them checkout options using smart devices.

Device specific media capabilities

Like product details and images, other media like videos also adjust themselves with the device.

Free Built in Mobile ready shopping cart

The future is mobile. Majority of the orders are now placed on mobile. Ride the wave with a mobile ready eCommerce site.

Product details and images display

The ability of the display page to adjust itself with the type of device gives your customer a clean display of the products details and the product images.

Zoom in product images

Allow your customer to zoom in any picture to have a better look at your products.

Marketlplaces ready

Muti-vendor Store

Tranform your store to to a multi-vendor marketplace, offering the wide range of products from multiple suppliers.

Let vendors manage their products

Show the supplier of each product being offered on your web store, allow vendors to add/change/update their products and prices.

Powerful eCommerce Marketing

Personalize Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful tools for eCommerce marketing to engage customers.

SEO Optimized

Sell more with one of the most search engine friendly eCommerce platforms straight out of the box.

100% search engine friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs are very effective tool in helping users find the desired solutions, products, or services.

Update Category SEO Information

Auto upload the SEO information for each category of your products right from Dynamics GP.

Versatile, Dynamic Promotional Blocks

Powerful feature to display,manage,and target promotional banners at relevant sites.

Convenience Through Predictive Ordering

Predictive ordering is to recommend the customer the products they prefer to buy based on their sales data.

Social Media Integration

Acquire Customers with Integrated Social Commerce. It is easy to sync product catalogue with their social networks.

Add Meta Information for Item

Meta Description and keywords play important role in getting your site to appear in the search right away.

Auto-generated site maps

Display links to products and categories and allow pages to display most popular search phrases.

Brand Recognition Done Right

A strong social commerce strategy to strengthen brand and converting followers to customers to loyal advocates.

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