We have seen our clients struggle with invoicing needs and imagine if they got lot of invoicing coming in? It’s going to be a nightmare and yes, if you are looking for a perfect solution for help, you are at the right place! ( x2x eCommerce supports eCommerce for Dynamics GP (that helps you to
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Yes! You heard it right! Most of our customers has stated that they have been receiving 3/4th of the site traffic from mobile devices. All you see these days is with people fiddling with their phones. The trend keeps increasing year by year at least by 5%.
COVID-19 is evolving at a pace with wide-ranging and critical impact for employers, individuals and businesses. Back in December 2019, the threat of coronavirus was just theoretical. Today, the virus has spread across all over the world affecting people and businesses in a stage where most of them have never witnessed before. With all this
We have been working from home for the past 2 weeks due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Yesterday, we got an email from one of our valued x2x eCommerce customer: “It looks like we will be forced to temporarily close our retail store due to the Coronavirus. This means the online store is as important as
eCommerce stores powered by x2x eCommerce use Magento, Shopify and Woo Commerce web front end. Being enterprise eCommerce solutions with a combine market presence of more than 1.5 million stores, they help augment the power of x2x eCommerce which integrates these eCommerce sites with a deep and cutting edge integration with well known ERP and
Businesses are mushrooming day and night, thanks to the internet. Since 1991 ecommerce is transforming and making an online purchase the best option. Ecommerce is not dreary or involve byzantine complexity; digital marketing practices steer it successfully.  Worldwide global B2C ecommerce sales are searing way past 1.92 trillion U.S dollar. That tells you marketplace like
Social media play a significant role in the ecommerce cycle.  Delving in social media to promote your ecommerce store reach doesn’t take much resources and time.  The organization uses social media to build brand awareness, drive traffic to your Webstore as well as make sales.  With more than 3 billion active social media users worldwide,
Ready to build your webstore? It’s very important to use the best platform as it has got its own pros and cons. According to recent surveys, the two most popular choices available in the market are Shopify and Volusion Agree with the fact that both platforms are built for specific needs that could be right
Well, there’s hundreds of eCommerce sellers out there in the market and it is an ultimate challenge for you all to showcase your value proposition. Customers are finicky with their choices as they are well-researched in purchasing decisions and thoughtful before adding the product to the cart. If you are able to cater according to
Distinctly Tea Inc is primarily engaged in the retail sale of tea and other specialized foods, not elsewhere classified, such as health foods, spices, herbs, and coffee,. Distinctly Tea was formed  by  the efforts of Peter Barker and Joyce Barker with stores in Waterloo and Stratford, Ontario, Canada. Distinctly Tea was using Notrosell as their


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