We, x2x eCommerce have worked with several retailers both as consultant and as solutions providers for the past 3 years. First of all, we learnt that there isn’t a single-fit ecommerce team and often, the team structure keeps changing based on the business conditions. Let’s take a typical example of a shoe retailer that has
We have been hearing a lot from our customers. There are thousands of options available today and I’m pretty sure sellers feel overwhelmed with the features and support offered by several vendors. Previous Blog – Series – Choosing the Best eCommerce Integration for your Marketplace What will be the first thing you would do when
We had a great time at the Retail Realm Partner & User Conference that took place at Ceasars Palace, Las Vegas, NV on August 20 to 22, 2018. The 8th Edition of the event showcased trending and new Microsoft products, innovations, software developments and platforms for SMEs to the large enterprises for the retail sector.
Well, it’s a pain to choose the best eCommerce integration platform for your business. First of all, you can find hundreds of solutions across the globe. However it’s difficult on how to begin with. The first step is to see if you require a hosted/licensed application. Hosted solutions, likewise, offer lower costs with minimal IT
The whole reason of having a conversational eCommerce is due to convenience. It’s not that the users just use these messaging application, it’s because they prefer them. This helps users to drive a business on their desired platform whenever they need. If you would ask how many users are following the social media channels what
Well, eCommerce ERP integration has become a necessity today. It is simply because of the hassles or cost caused to having number of systems. The costs are worthy when we can witness the productivity levels in customer service and operations. Your eCommerce platform could be Magento or Shopify or even market places such as eBay,
People trust Reviews You can visit online stores, browse the items and read reviews from both satisfied and unhappy customers. People trust reviews from people like them more than the talk of the store salesperson. Lower cost to Retailer, lower price to Consumer With the online store bringing substantial saving to the retailers, they are
Malls were the place to hang out Not long back malls were the place where everyone will spend their time shopping. People will spend their weekend in the malls browsing the stores, shopping and eating in the food courts. Malls are closing Now, over several years, the malls have starting closing. It is projected that


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