Everyone seems to know that they can expand their business and increase their sales significantly by selling their products online. This applies to both selling to consumers (B2B) and those selling to other businesses (B2B). Successful eCommerce store is a lot more than picking a catchy domain name and selecting whatever eCommerce software one finds
eCommerce has become an extremely convenient outlet for consumers for the products and services, they want to buy.  Per some estimates, there are about two million eCommerce sites. With eCommerce being such a competitive arena, it is essential to consider some well tested strategies that will knock out your competition. 1.   Planning As much as
Meeting Consumer Expectations – The cornerstone of successful eCommerce Strategy Since the world-wide web was introduced the way people have navigated their day has changed significantly.    The business world was not left untouched by the information superhighway.  The convenience of making purchases online was recognized as a new avenue that have been quite profitable for
There are about two million eCommerce webstores and everyone is trying to be successful but how many of them are making enough to justify their existence? Setting up an eCommerce site require a lot of thinking, planning and preparation before going live. It is not about registering a catchy domain name and picking an eCommerce
For smaller businesses, it is harder to stay afloat and compete with bigger companies and companies their size in the market place. Being in search of new avenues and markets, companies often look at eCommerce as an avenue to expand into much diverse markets and to capture nontraditional customers for their businesses. So how can
Product Catalog is the heart of any eCommerce webstore. It is equivalent to a showroom in a brick and mortar store. Companies put a huge amount of effort when it comes to their showroom. Then why not to pay the same attention to your online showroom, the product catalog. Here are five ways to optimize
Your eCommerce customer has never been to your shop or warehouse before; they do not know you, have never dealt with you, have never done any business with you. Yet you are still asking them to trust you by charging their credit card for their purchases. Why would they do that? They will never ever
Dilemma We have put a great deal of effort on the eCommerce site with almost everything that we thought was needed – getting great images, extensive and relevant description of products, checkout button and much more – but haven’t closed a single sale. Why? Short Answer Your Webstore is not geared to generate sales as


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