Manage 2 Retail Solutions with 1 Integration Suite, x2x eCommerce!

Why x2x eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC and Magento eCommerce?

x2x integration between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Magento eCommerce is not just another ERP – eCommerce connector. Developed in the same language in which Dynamics 365 BC as an add-on to the ERP, x2x integration  not only creates a bridge between the two systems but also enhances the functionality of Dynamics 365 BC and Magento to provide a much powerful integration between the two systems.

Item Integration

  1. Create Dynamics GP items in RMH
  2. Sync Description, extended description  sub description
  3. Sync item pricing from Dynamics GP to RMH
  4. Optional: update item quantities to RMH on a schedule
  5. Optional: Check inventory quantities on the fly

Customer Integration

  • Create Dynamics GP Customer in RMH
  • Update Customer info with credit limits
  • Optional: update available credit on the fly
  • Update customer invoices and payments in RMH to Dynamics GP

Sale Integration

  • Update RMH sales invoices to Dynamics GP in seconds
  • Optional: Check the customer available credit at the time of checkout
  • Invoice to include item details, price and extended price
  • Invoice to include GP taxes
  • Invoice to include GP payment amount and method

Benefits of integrating Dynamics 365

Business Central and Magento

1.Sync data for both platforms seamlessly

You don’t need to worry on how to update data on both platforms. x2x eCommerce brings the best for your business.

2.Streamline POS processes

Improved sales order processing as it is automatically reflected into Microsoft Dynamics GP.

3.Streamline POS processes

Your pricing, availability and stock location can be recorded in both platforms in real time using x2x eCommerce. Access customer info and multiple vendor information without any hassle.

4.Enhanced Productivity

Get rid of manual data entry, risk free from errors, enhanced quality and productivity at your happier workforce.

5.Focus on Profitability

Let the backend processes be handled by x2x eCommerce so you can focus on your key areas: customer satisfaction, growth and revenues!


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