Enterprise eCommerce vs. ERP driven eCommerce Solutions

Anyone who is responsible for the management of an eCommerce site understands the challenges that inherently go along with it.  There are many options available in the management of your storefront, each of them beneficial in their own way.  Before deciding on a solution for your site, educating yourself in the various aspects of what each of the options offer, and understanding what your site’s specific needs are is the first step in creating a user-friendly, engaging experience for your customers.

When selecting an eCommerce solution, organizations face two choices.

  1. Either go for an in-market solution that is well known, have a big client base, is top of the line and is one of the best in the market.
  2. Go for an eCommerce solution which may not necessarily be top of the line, have very small number of customers but can give enough functionality to go online and seamlessly integrate with the ERP so that the whole business can be automated through ERP.

In both the cases there is a tradeoff. In the first situation, you have an eCommerce solution that may be very powerful and have lots of features but this store must be managed manually. This means you need to have one or more full time people to manage your webstore. You may be able to get some connector from the market which will ease out some of the work. However, those connectors have their own limitations. They do not have a front end to allow you to manage them yourself and they can do only one to one integration. In other words, you can only map the information that exists in both ERP and eCommerce solutions

In the second situation, the store can be managed from ERP. However, the eCommerce site is not able to compete with the competitors who are using the in-market solution and its features easily beating the company using the ERP based eCommerce system. Whenever there a new development in the industry like a new social media site become popular or a new payment gateway or shipping company start offering reduced rates, you cannot avail those options due to the limitation of the eCommerce that you use.

x2x ecommerce screen

So the limitation of ERP based eCommerce solution is their inability to keep up with the development in the industry and the limitation of the connectors is there inability to integrate anything other than common items in both the system, so is there a third option.

X2X realized the shortcoming of both the option and looked at mitigating those shortcomings and eventually, came up with a third option. X2X is an add on module written in Dexterity which is installed with Dynamics GP. This module enhances the functionality of ERP by adding eCommerce related features to Dynamics GP like additional item information, SEO information, product catalog, images etc. It also adds more feature to eCommerce program to make it compatible with Dynamics GP ERP.

For a demo please visit www.x2x-ecommerce.com, email us at info@x2x-ecommerce.com or call us at 877 927 2927

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