Is Shopify or Volusion the best for my eCommerce business?

Ready to build your webstore? It’s very important to use the best platform as it has got its own pros and cons. According to recent surveys, the two most popular choices available in the market are Shopify and Volusion

Agree with the fact that both platforms are built for specific needs that could be right for your webstore. Do not go for the pricing as it might backfire later on – especially when you find out that the solution doesn’t meet your needs. Focus on the benefits of the solution that can help you make the right decision.

There are over 800k Shopify stores across the world however, there’s only 180k sites for Volusion – although not all are webstores. These are top-leading platforms so you are in safe hands. This blog provides you insights for you to make the right choice.

Let’s compare these tools with respect to:

1. Features

2. SEO

3. Design

4. User Friendly?

5. Customer Support

6. Pricing

#1. Features

Both tools provide site builder features which is easier for you to configure and sell online. However, when comparing the payment options, Volusion provides minimal range of options but Shopify has got an extended range of payment options including their own Shopify Payment gateway.

When comparing shipping and inventory management features, Shopify outperforms Volusion. Shopify is focused on online stores, so perhaps this isn’t unexpected. You can build a webstore on Volusion, however it doesn’t always provide top features for eCommerce merchants.

#2. SEO

It’s not only about building a webstore, you need to make sure that your webstore is noticeable on Google and other search engine platforms. Compared to websites, SEO is an inevitable part for your eCommerce business as a whole to find success. Volusion offers standard features for managing your webstore SEO but could be a challenge when dealing with complicated issues.

Since Shopify comes with a range of features, it’s easier for Google to rank them better. It also comes with dedicated SEO application and practice prompts. Volusion webstores are quite difficult to manage from an SEO point of view. You might need to look for digital marketing companies who are experienced in eCommerce platforms for help.

#3. Design

The webstore looks is way more important than any other features you have. You got to impress your potential customers into buying.

Shopify provides its users for a wide range of templates (10 available for free and others available to purchase). There’s limited flexibility for these themes, but it serves the purpose. You can also find Shopify partners to support you with themes or webstore support.

Volusion, on the other hand, comes with 11 free themes and has only 34 paid options. It’s largely more expensive and has less choices than Shopify.

In terms of mobile responsiveness, you cannot manage your site from a smartphone, however, Volusion themes are mobile responsive.

#4. User Friendly?

Shopify is very user friendly even if you do not have any technical expertise. It follows a drag and drop feature which makes is easier for moving elements around a page and has got a clear user interface.

Volusion is more attractive, however when compared to Shopify, it’s quite challenging to user.

#5. Customer Support

Speaking about customer support, both Shopify and Volusion platforms offers the best customer support. Shopify support is available 24/7 over emails, live chat and even phones but Volusion comes with a little more limited support.

#6. Pricing

Shopify starts with USD $29 per month for basic package followed by USD $79 for standard Shopify package and $299 for advanced subscription.

Volusion comes with a mini subscription that costs USD $15 per month followed by a plus package that costs USD $75 per month followed by the premium version that costs USD $145 per month.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot compare a product based on pricing factors alone. It is worth spending more inorder to get a more comprehensive service.

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