A smart add on from x2x to manage discount at the checkout

limiting cashier not to discount the items below lower bound prices

Change item prices

An intelligent solution to handle price discounts

Changing item prices in RMH is a little cumbersome process. You cannot change the prices directly on the POS screen. You need to click on expansion button to change the price on every line. There are situations where customers are given special prices which are decided on the POS. With the current setup, it is extremely difficult and time consuming to edit the price on every line.
Like RMS, also in RMH, there is no way to enforce upper or lower bound prices. there is no visibility to the cashier on what is the lower bound price nor there is a check on cashier not selling below lower bound prices.

x2x Price Changer can make your life easy

x2x Price Changer, allows cashier to enter or scan all the items and then review the prices and give special prices to the customer. The lower bound price column tells cashier how low can they go. If the cashier goes below the lower bound price, they need a supervisor override.
Sometimes, the customer can see cashier screen and if they are able to see the lower bound prices, they know how much the cashier can discount. In order to avoid this, the lower bound price can be disguised as LBCode. for example, an LB code of 00007600 means that the lower bound price is $76.00


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