Meet the statutory tracking requirements

Have a 360 degree visibility into your sales transaction to be able to identity the customers and the sales transactions by the lot numbers

Track lot numbers on sales transactions with x2x lot tracking suite

Why x2x eCommerce RMS and RMH Lot Number Solution

Many industries require tracking of Lot numbers to track the sales. Sometimes, it is mandatory to track lot number to comply iwth the legislative requirements. For example, tracking the lot number is required for food related items for the purpose of recall from organizations like USDA in USA and CFIA in Canada.

x2x Lot number solution for RMS and RMH allows you to identify the sales transactions associated with various lot numbers. You can run the reports to find the lot numbers old by lot numbers, by customers and by products.

Select the items to be tracked

Assign item window allows user to include (or exclude) items on which lot number tracking is required.
You can select the items where lot tracking is required. System will only prompt for lot numbers for the items with the lot tracking enabled.
Multiple criterion can be used to filter the items. Clicking on on the inlcude button will add all the items selected in the lot enabled window.
More items can be included by selecting different criterion. The items selected will be appended to the list of items already selected for lot tracking, previously.
Filter can also be used to exclude items wrongly selcted for lot number tracking.
Use the filter on left hand side window to select the items using your criteria. Use the same process to select the items on the right-hand window and click on Red arrow to exclude the items from the list.

Review and modify lot numbers

Usually, the lot number is not available till the item is being shipped. As such, when a sales order or quote is entered in RMS/RMH, the system will not ask for a lot number.
It is also possible that a mistake was made and a wrong lot number was entered at some point. x2x lot number solution allows users to change the lot numbers or assign the lot numbers where the lot numbers were not assigned for example when shipping an order entered when the lot number was not assigned to the sale.
If the user still forgets to enter the lot number, system will activate lot number assignment screen and require the user to enter lot number at the time of tendering the sales.

Extensive Reporting

By default, thee inquires are available:

  • Inquiry by Lot Number – will show the customers and the sales tractions related to selected lot numbers
  • Inquiry by Customer – will show the lot numbers and the items sold to the customer
  • Inquiry by Product – will show the sales of product by lot numbers

More reports can be made available, if required.

Benefits of x2x lot tracking solution

* Protecting you against claims of negligence

* Getting customer trust and confidence

* Ability to identify what products are at risk

* Ability to quickly and easily finding defective or contaminated products

* Minimize the recall size

* Managing and reducing waste

* Clear visibility of where the products were sold/shipped

* Ability to quickly respond to any situation requiring a recall

* Saving time, effort and spending on inventory control and management

* Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements and industry standards


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