Up-sell and cross-sell

Offer discounts and promos with a responsive Dynamics GP eCommerce Shopify suite

Why x2x eCommerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Shopify?

Sell more than your competition using the power popular Shopify eCommerce backed by the robust database of Dynamics GP ERP

#1. Upsell and cross-sell. sell on marketplaces, offer promos and discounts to attract more buyers and close more sales.

#2. The powerful responsive eCommerce site developed on Shopify with the marketing and promotional tools will enable you to close more sales than your competition.

#3. The powerful two way integration with Dynamics GP provided by x2x eCommerce virtually eliminates the need of manually managing the site. Orders are updated quickly in Dynamics GP, allowing you to process the shipment promptly.

#4. Expect a wider customer audience and be rest assured that you are able to serve the customer orders and requests promptly, with the speedy integration between Shopify and Dynamics GP provided by x2x eCommerce.

Why x2x Dynamics GP Shopify eCommerce is a superior solution?

When it comes to an eCommerce solution, progressive companies understand the need for an enterprise eCommerce solution the same way they opt for an enterprise ERP solution.Some companies, initially, do opt for eCommerce solutions developed around their ERP solution but soon they realize that these eCommerce solutions are not able to adapt to the fast-changing realities of eCommerce business. Using a connector that connects the common entities between the enterprise ERP and enterprise eCommerce solution partially solves the problem. Such a solution allows them to integrate the entities which are common between the two systems.

But what about the areas which are not common to both the systems?

1. x2x eCommerce solution for Dynamics GP and Shopify is an add on modules for Dynamics GP.

2. It adds new functionality in Microsoft Dynamics GP which does not exist in GP but is essential for an eCommerce solution making the two solutions much closely integrated and managing it through Dynamics GP, virtually eliminating the need to manually manage your eCommerce.

Dynamics GP
to Shopify

  1. Inventory Items
  2. Categories and sub-categories
  3. Items assignment to categories
  4. multi tier price levels
  5. Product images
  6. SEO information
  7. Item quantities at assigned site
  8. B2B Customer Information
  9. Shipment information

Shopify to
Dynamics GP

  1. Tax ID and rates
  2. Shipping Methods
  3. Payment methods
  4. Attributes and attribute sets
  5. B2C customer and address
  6. Sales Orders with:
    • item and quantity ordered;
    • shipping and payment methods;
    • calculated taxes; and
    • shipping charges


  1. Centralized Catalog Management
  2. Upload Products/Images from GP
  3. Create Categories and Sub-categories
  4. Offer Customer Specific Prices
  5. Allow Quantity Breaks


  1. Fully Integrated with PayPal and Authorize.net
  2. Integrated with other reliable gateways
  3. Accepts Checks and Money Orders
  4. Allow selling on Credit


  1. Vast range of products
  2. No need to maintain inventory
  3. Readymade traffic
  4. Small setup costs
  5. Flexibility


  1. One-page Checkout Guest or Registered Customer
  2. Estimate Shipping Charges
  3. Estimate Taxes before Placing Order
  4. Save Integrated Shopping Cart


  1. Increase Marketability
  2. Increase Conversion Rates
  3. Better User Experience
  4. Easier to Manage
  5. The future is Mobile


  1. Turn data into Insights
  2. Easy Collaboration
  3. Email Segmentation
  4. Automatically Updating Reports
  5. Marketing ROI Reports


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